The Isolink is a bicycle suspension system characterized by anti-squat and anti-rise rates that are completely constant throughout the entire travel range. For a certain 4-link suspension, the pivot positions that yield consistent anti-squat and anti-rise rates trace out curves. By placing the pivots along these curves, the desired constant anti-squat and anti-rise are produced.  
  Our Story  
   In pursuit of the holy grail, three bikers met and messed around with bike designs at an old university's chic cafe, They had more meetings , biked less and, months after, finally had a design fit to build. The bikers became fatter and looking less like bikers (more like the geeks they really are) as they reviewed the math, generated the computer simulations, extruded the 3D drawings, cut the tubes, milled the links, ground the welds...the sacrifice prior to the forum ridicule, hole-burning expenses, and absence from family life.
But we believe we have our math right, simulations working, the prototype ridden, paperwork typed. And we 'll proudly share our design with you , whom we assume could only be a passionate biker.

Patent Pending
  Isolink Brochure  
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Isolink Suspension
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